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    82 Franklin Street
    New Yew NY 10013
    Tel. 212-343-7979
    [email protected]

    A large selection of jewelry is available at R & COMPANY.

    By Appointment
    170 East 77th Street
    New York NY 10075
    Tel. 917-400-3613
    [email protected]

    I am very pleased to announce that a selection of Heaven & Hell Rings, as well as the bespoke Family are now available through Robin Katz.
    A selection of
    Heaven + Hell Rings, and the bespoke Family Rings are available through Robin Katz.

    256 West 36th Street
    10th Floor
    New York NY 10001
    Tel. 212-204-7111
    [email protected]

    A selection of
    Heaven + Hell rings are available online at 

    Seize sur Vingt
    78 Greene Street
    New York NY 10012
    Tel. 212-832-1620

    Seize sur Vingt
    In the shops at the Plaza
    1 West 58th Street
    New York NY 10019
    Tel. 212-832-1620

    Fischer's Virgil cufflinks are available at
    Seize sur Vingt.