Born in Switzerland and brought up in the United  States, the New Jersey-based artist Anne Fischer is a draftsman and sculptor whose work has been featured at leading art and design venues in the U.S., Europe and Japan. A graduate of the Cooper Union in New York, where she won the M.S. Vivo Award for Excellence in Drawing, Fischer is an imaginative craftsman who is especially interested in the textures and unique characteristics of her materials. Over the years, she has developed innovative techniques for using wood, metal, plaster, wax and other media; she has used them to create a wide range of mixed-media sculptures, works on paper, cast-metal ring and original furniture.

Her sculptures, which were represented at the Phyllis Kind Gallery in New York, have included an ongoing series of graceful, masterfully engineered figures; to make them, Fischer "draws" in three dimensions using delicate, light-gauge wire and embellishes the work with small, cut scraps of shiny or colorful found materials.

In 2001, Fischer began creating Cantos: The Rings of Hell and Heaven, an ongoing series of 67 sculptural objects inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy. The first 30 objects have been made: Hell, rings 1 through 14, and Heaven, rings 1 through 16. Each meticulously hand-carved original is reproduced on an individual basis using the lost wax process and is cast in 18k gold, sterling silver or a combination of those two metals. Fischer is represented by R & Company in Tribeca.